Jowat Jowatherm 282.20 (NATURAL) EVA hot melt adhesive I Low Temp 130-150°C (266-302°F)

by Jowat
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282.20 (Recommended for CEHISA FLEXY and Maksiwa CBC.E or CBC.MR Edgebanders)

Application: Designed for contour edgebanding of PVC, paper, and polyester at low application temperatures and at very slow feed speeds. 

Characteristics/ Directions for use: 

Low viscosity hot melt with fast melting properties, long open time and good color and heat stability in the melt. 

Application Temp.: 130-150°C (266-302°F)
Feed Speed: roller application: 5-20 m/min (15-60 ft/min) 

The structure of the edge material and working conditions may influence the bond. 

Tested according to Jowat test methods. Customer trials are recommended. 


Technical Data: 

Density [g/cm3]: approx. 1.3 (10.8 lbs./gal)

Softening point:  approx. 90°C (194°F)  Ring & Ball 

Appearance: 20 - natural; 21 white 

Cleaning: Preliminary cleaning while hot by scraping with a spatula. 

Storage: May be stored in properly closed original containers, cool and dry (15-25°C (59-77°F)). Best before date, please refer to label on the packaging unit. 

Packaging: In plastic bags of 44 lbs. net. 

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