C23-Pneumatic, Vertical/ Horizontal, Construction Line Boring 23 Spindles I 220V,3PH,60HZ I

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C23 provides features that offer longer life, such as an operating pressure of 80-100psi and 23 quick change adapters. With a 2HP motor (versus standard 3/4HP in most models) and Stainless Steel Spindles replacing steel spindles, C23 offers carpenters and woodworkers the opportunity to work with the most innovative construction line boring machine currently in the market.


Number of spindles 23
32 mm center to center distance between spindles (first & last drill = 27.7”)
Maximum drilling depth 2.5"
Maximum Distance from edge of the board with a head is 12”
120" line boring fence with (4) stops
2 HP Motor.220V/3PH/60HZ/3400RPM with overload protection
3 Pneumatic hold downs
Pneumatic foot pedal

Operating pressure of 80-100 psi
Includes 23 quick change adapters
Accept 10-millimeter shank drill bits
Net weight 816 lb.
Detentions: 56x40x46 height
Crated Weight: 882 lbs
Crated Dimensions: 61x44x50 height

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