Workbench for Edge Trimmer | MA.1000 |

by Maksiwa

Maksiwa’s MA.1000 Workbench for Edge Trimmer is ideal for any woodworker that needs an extra table to work on or a table perfectly fit for the Maksiwa RBB.1000.

It has 2 holes to allow you to clamp down the Maksiwa RBB.1000. The height makes it an easy transition from the Maksiwa CBC.E or the Maksiwa CBC.ME to the Maksiwa RBB.1000. Included is a drawer to store small tools such as trimmer bits. Built into the back of the MA.1000 are two electrical outlets, ideal for hooking up both the RBB.1000 and CBC.E or CBC.ME.

The legs are also foldable and with the two wheals it has, it allows you to easily transport the MA.1000 along with the RBB.1000.

The MA.1000 has a lot of versatility while at the same time being the perfect for not only for the RBB.1000 but the edgebanders CBC.E and CBC.ME.


Technical Information:

  • 2 sockets
  • 1 drawer
  • Desktop area of 39” X 16 ½”
  • Max weight capacity of 441 LBS
  • Weighs 52 LBS


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