Edge Trimmer Machine 39" Maksiwa | RBB.1000 | Single Phase

by Maksiwa
Save $230.00

The Maksiwa Edge Trimmer RBB.1000 is the perfect tool for the small cabinet shop that is looking to save time, effort and increase productivity in straight edgebanding but does not want to spend tens of thousands of dollars.

The RBB.1000’s system was designed to do straight trimming with ease without having to improvise your own tools while keeping things simple and easy. It comes with a router included and a flush trim router bit so you can start working right out of the box. Thanks to the universal clamp you can use virtually any router of your liking, because of this, and the built-in scraper, you do not need to use any manual tool to trim nor scrape your panels

The RBB.1000 will trim and scrape your panel to perfection regardless of your skill level in a matter of seconds and output a professional looking panel. Pairing this machine with the MA.1000 will give you both an easy way to transport it while also being the perfect hight to combo it with the CBC.E or the CBC.ME.


Gross Weight 20 Kg (44 lbs)
Volume Dimensions 40" X 8" X 10"


Technical Information:


  • Weight: 42LBS
  • Desktop size: 39” wide
  • Max trim height: 2 3/8”


  • Phase: Single phase
  • Volts: 110V
  • Watts: 500W
  • Amps: 4.5A  

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