Coping/End-Matching Machine C-1205 PLC


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The PMK C-1205 is the ideal tool for the woodworkers that need to do end-matching on their panels and increase their productivity in the shop, ideal for flooring. Being a direct upgrade to the PMK C-1205, it allows you to work with wider pieces and/or more pieces at once.

Made in the USA, the PMK’s C-1205 Is simple to use and requires little to no experience to work like a professional. It is designed to work with pieces from 2 ¼” to 13 ½” wide by 2” high. Due to the size, you can put several single profile parts together to save time and increase productivity.  Not only can you do single sided profiled pieces but you can also do double profiled pieces. On top of that, you can do both male and female pieces. Thanks to its adjustable speed, you can adjust the machine to any thickness and any density while maintaining the piece chip free and since it clamps the piece to the machine, it safely holds it in place regardless of the speed. On top of all of that, the C-1205 has the capacity to stack tooling (maximum two cutters per spindle).

With its simplistic design, the PMK C-1205 is easy for any woodworker to use regardless of skill level while still outputting pieces like a professional.



  • Tooling not included.



Technical Information: 




C-1205 meets UL & CSA Electrical Standards

7.5 hp motor - (please specify your voltage).

@230 volts/30amps

@ 460 volts/20amps

Cutter diameter

Minimum 3.5” OD

Maximum 5” OD

Maximum SIZE part

2” thick

13 ½” wide.

Minimum part length

Minimum thickness

3” Depending on cutter Dimension


Maximum cut

¾” depth

Minimum part width

Determined by the O.D. of the cutter and if the part is profiled or not.

Part length


Stack tooling

Two cutters maximum per spindle

Adjustable cycle time

4-10 seconds

THK style rails

Guides carriage stroke and hold-down clamp.

Side pressure clamp

Air Pressure (required)

Insures proper alignment with the fence.

100 PSI, air line 5/8” Día to increase volume

Aluminum Sub-Table for stacking of tooling

Standard equipment which includes second side pressure clamp for use with the sub-table.

Two counter rotating spindles

1 ¼” Diameter – 7000 rpm

Dust Hood

With 5” port

1000 cfm required

C-1205-foot print

Width 60” / Depth 39” / Height 42”

Machine weight

1,352 lbs. (+/-)


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