14″ Heavy Duty Radial Arm Saw, Single Phase OR 3Ph I 3531-3536



The 14″ Heavy Duty Radial Arm Saw is a precision saw made for the rigors of everyday industrial use.

Original Saw Company has a history rooted in American-made products.  From its motor to its cast-iron arm, the Heavy Duty Series continues to be a workhorse in the woodworking industry. This radial arm saw is made from cast iron and heavy gauge, formed steel, and then powdered coated.

The 14” Heavy Duty Radial Arm Saw is able to perform a variety of cuts including:

 The 14″ Heavy Duty Radial Arm Saws cut 4 1/8″ deep and can crosscut from to 16″ – 24″, depending on the model.

Recent Upgrades to the Heavy Duty Series Include:

  • High-density polyethylene lower guards provide full coverage.
  • An accessible start/stop button is located on the left front edge of the table.
  • E-Stop is a standard feature on all Radial Arm Saws. An E-Stop is a safety mechanism to shut off machinery in an emergency. This switch halts the operation of the Radial Arm Saw. It shuts off all potential hazards outside of the saw’s power enclosure.
  • The elevating crank and the yoke pull grip have re-engineered handle grips for ease of use.
  • New upper guard housing now doubles as a dado guard.
  • Multiple table options are available.
  • Swivel to rip with Radial Arm Saw with an optional rip kit.
  • Saw blades sold separately from machines

Industrial Grade, American Made

Original Saw Company proudly manufactures quality, American-made products for the woodworking industry in Britt, Iowa. The company sources cast iron and heavy-gauge formed steel from the Midwest. These materials produce industrial-grade Radial Arm Saws weighing over 400-800 pounds. 

Motors for radial arm saws are hand-wound at Original Saw Company’s facility, allowing customized voltages and providing excellent quality control.  

As a result, we are proud to provide an American-made product and support American workers.  

Not only are Original Saw Company products made in the USA, but they are also supported by USA-based customer service.  Because of this, we can make recommendations about what model is right for you, support, technical questions, and help with parts. 


  • 4 ⅛” depth of cut
  • Carriage return spring
  • Adjustable crosscut stop
  • E-Stop
  • Oversized MDF table top
  • Automatic blade braking system
  • Carriage rides on 8 wide-contact double row ball bearings, which provide smooth vibration-free travel
  • Arbor nut and precision-ground blade collars
  • Standard work table height 33″
  • HDPE (high-density polyethylene) lower blade guard that provides full coverage
  • Made in USA, Manufacturing of Radial Arm Saws happens after the customer orders. Machines are considered custom and are made voltage specific.
  • Because some cutting applications are custom and specific, our team may contact you about your purchase. It is our priority to build a saw that fits our customers’ needs.

  • Radial Arm Saws are assembled and tested in our facility. After being test run, the saw is packaged and placed on a skid. The legs are attached to the skid. This makes setup and installation easy.

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Weight 575 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 50 × 48 in

3 HP 1 phase TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor, 3 HP 3 phase TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor

Product Length (Inches)


Product Width (Inches)

Product Height (Inches)

Cuttable Material


Max Crosscut


Max Depth Cut

Can do the following cuts

, , , , , 

Capable of Rip Cuts

Voltage Options

, , , 

Phases of Voltage Available


Pneumatic Clamping Ability?

Powered Feed Option?


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