12″ Contractor Duty Radial Arm Saw, Single Phase OR 3Ph I 3512



12″ Contractor Duty Radial Arm Saws are industrially-rated.  This model has the versatility cut the following:

 Cut 3″ deep with a 24″ crosscut with a 12″ Radial Arm Saw. Most important, it is ideal for cutting 24″ wide panels for squaring shelving, doors, and other similar applications.

 Original Saw Company takes pride in manufacturing American-made products.

Order the Contractor Series Radial Arm Saw with a single or three-phase motor. Original Saw Company makes Radial Arm Saws from cast iron and heavy gauge, formed steel. Additionally, a durable, powder-coated finish provides years of protection.

All Contractor Duty Saws come standard with both an E-Stop and an oversized MDF table. With a TEFC (totally enclosed fan-cooled) motor and internal automatic brake, this radial arm saw has the best cut quality in its class.

Count on this saw to be a precise cutting machine. Look for both repeatable accuracy and dependability, day after day, for years to come. Above all, these machines provide affordable cutting solutions in thousands of workshops and manufacturing companies worldwide.

Recent Updates to 12″ Radial Arm Saws Include the Following:

  • High-density polyethylene lower guards provide full coverage.
  • New yoke assemblies allow for precise bevel clamping on angles. Additionally, the yoke swivels to rip with an optional rip kit.
  • The elevating crank and the yoke pull grip have re-engineered handle grips for ease of use.
  • Lastly, an E-Stop is a standard feature on all Radial Arm Saws. An E-Stop is a safety mechanism to shut off machinery in an emergency. This switch halts the operation of the Radial Arm Saw. It shuts off all potential hazards outside of the saw’s power enclosure.

Ripping with a Radial Arm Saw

Radial Arm Saws can be the centerpiece of the workshop. Add a Rip Kit to an order for a Radial Arm Saw to increase cutting options.

Make a rip cut by cutting lengthwise or parallel to the grain. The motor swivels parallel to the fence when Original Saw Company’s Rip Kit is ordered and installed on a wood-cutting Radial Arm Saw. Wider boards can be cut into narrower pieces when rip-cutting.  Original Saw Company’s Rip Kit includes an anti-kickback assembly for added safety precautions.

 Add the Rip Kit to the order of a new Radial Arm Saw. To clarify, this add-on is only available at the time of purchase of a Radial Arm Saw.

Saw blades sold separately from machines


  • 24” crosscut
  • 3” depth of cut
  • 3 HP
  • MDF table top
  • E-Stop
  • Carriage rides on 4 tight-tolerance, horizontally mounted convex bearings
  • Arbor nut and precision ground arbor collars
  • Wrench kit (includes Allen arbor wrench and flat arbor wrench)
  • Automatic blade braking system
  • Standard work table height 32”
  • HDPE (high-density polyethylene) lower blade guard that provides full coverage
  • Made in USA Manufacturing of Radial Arm Saws happens after the customer orders. Machines are considered custom and are made voltage specific.
  • Because some cutting applications are custom and specific, our team may contact you about your purchase. It is our priority to build a saw that fits our customers’ needs.
  • Radial Arm Saws are assembled and tested in our facility. After being test run, the saw is packaged and placed on a skid. The legs are attached to the skid. This makes setup and installation easy.

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Weight 440 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 48 in

3 HP 1 phase TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor, 3 HP 3 phase TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor

Product Length (Inches)

Product Width (Inches)

Product Height (Inches)

Cuttable Material


Max Crosscut

Max Depth Cut

Can do the following cuts

, , , , , 

Capable of Rip Cuts

Voltage Options

, , , 

Phases of Voltage Available


Pneumatic Clamping Ability?

Powered Feed Option?


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