12’ Horizontal Panel Beam Saw | TS-P12A

by Castaly


  • Precision ground guide rod made from medium carbon steel coated with hard chrome provides smooth and accurate travel.
  • Vertical and lateral adjustment of scoring saw blade permits clean burrs.
  • Heavy gauge base frame & table rest are welded from cold rolled steel plate offers rugged
  • The uniform holding pressure through the entire pressure beam is achieved through a linkage
    mechanism ensuring synchronized cylinder actuation on both sides.
  • Flexible saw stroke adjustment enables operator to select the desired stroke either full way or
    run out panel return depending on panel length to be cut, this reduces considerable cycle time.
  • Fence made of cast iron and surface precision ground is fitted with a flip over stop for
    convenient repetitive cutting.
  • The saw carriage runs with bronze wheel, which is CNC lathe precision machined for accurate
    concentrically producing fine smooth surface cut.
  • The guide rods, hard chrome-plated, provide rigid support for saw carriage. The ripping accuracy is guaranteed.
  • Dust chute is covered with split rubber to form a totally enclosed dust collection system and
    fully prevents the hose from being broken resulting from fatigue.
  • The sectional dust guard not only acts as a surrounding saw blade guard, but also fully prevents
    sawdust from spraying out of the machine.
  • The machine employs an advanced, high performance limit switch. Its highly sensitive
    performance ensures extremely accurate saw stroke control.
  • The saw carriage feed is driven by rugged wire fitted with a shock-absorbing cylinder to
    prevent bumping while it travels to the left side.
  • The scoring blade may be laterally adjusted for a burr-free cut or vertically adjusted for proper
    depth of cut and to compensate for blade wear.
  • A 1 HP AC motor drives the saw carriage; variable speeds are changed by frequency control 16
    ~ 98 FPM, and retract speeds is 98 FPM.
  • The table surfaces are covered with Bakelite to prevent scratching of the panel during feeding.

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