TPS-12SH series Computer Panel Saw

Machine Structure
* The machine bodies assemble on steel frame. In order to make stable of structure to avoid deformation of body, bleach stress, high temperature annealing, concussion sandblast and antirust. Those processing jobs are step by step and never lost one of those.
* Leveling pad pieces are under the machine’s leveling screws.
* A dust suction tubular pass through underneath machine body.
* There are two 90° angle fence between cut line and can be adjusted.

 Saw Carriage Structure
* The saw carriage rails are basically on double parallelism hardened round rod.
* The material of hardened round rods use bearing steel.
* The saw carriage structure assemble with iron frame and 8 copper wheels travel on double parallelism hardened round rod.
* The saw carriage travel with 2HP inverter motor and adjustable steel cable system.
* This machine is basically transmitted with timing belt on 15HP main saw blade motor to carry on scoring sawblade spindle.
* The saw carriage forward speed (1~60 M/min) can be adjusted with knob on control panel and return speed 65 M/min.
* The saw carriage mid-way return use optical fiber to detect by program setting.
* Main saw blade raise up with pneumatic air-cylinder together carry on scoring sawblade and raise up height to maximum cutting in every time.
* Main sawblade maximum projection 105mm dis-adjustable.
* Scoring sawblade manual adjust up-down and left-right with hook spanner.
* Main and scoring locked by 38mm and 19mm wrenches.

 Pressure Beam Structure
* Double pressure beam works at the same time in this machine to ensure the last cut accuracy.
* Each pressure beam moved by air-cylinder match with round gear and chain to ensure the double side balance.
* A dust suction hole available between this double pressure beams.
* Under these two pressure beams has rubber to avoid pressuring damaged.
* Stand on machine body for pressure beam up and down motions double side template structure made from cast iron.

 Side Align
* This device is available front and rear in double side fully automatic detective by program, which we set.
* This device transmits by 90W motor with round gear and chain to carry it, and also ensure position stability.
* Front and rear rollers side aligner device with automatic position go through program setting, distance from 50mm to 1500mm.
* Straight down and up actions when meet small size changing.

Dust Guard
* Piano-key type to avoid dust coming out while machine cutting.

Pusher Structure
*  Basically on double I-section steel beams, one side V-groove rail, one side flat guide rail (free section) with precision rack and pinion to ensure pusher straight line movement and also use German imported speed reducer with Japan imported 1KW Panasonic AC servo motor to collocate German imported magnetic scale to position and guarantee sizing accuracy.
* The hardened round rod guide rail is locked on the top of V-groove rail and material from bearing steel.
* The machine has 7 grippers in 8 feet machine, 8 grippers in 10 feet, and 9 grippers in 12 feet with lever action when gripping.
Dust chute
* 2 suction chokes through machine on left and right for 5”(125mm).
* 1 suction choke between the top side of double beams for 5” (125mm).
* 1 suction choke on left side close to cutting end for 5” (125mm).

Power supply
* Three-phase voltage 208V, 220V, 380V, 415V, 440V, 575V on requested. 
Total power of machine is 21.45HP (16KW).
* 4 wire inside the power cable for connecting with machine.

Air supply
* Working pressure better between 5 ~ 6 Kg/cm2

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