Production front loading panel sizing solution.

The Cantek TPS-SH Series Beam Panel Saws are a production panel sizing solution for the small to mid-sized manufacturer.  The industrial machine design combined with user friendly PC control interface ensure accurately dimensions sheet components with a chip free finish.  Available in 8’, 10’, 12’ with front loading.  The powerful 18HP saw motor and carriage runs on two round hardened guide rails on (8) copper wheels. The saw carriage cutting speed is variably adjusted according to your cutting height requirement.  A double side aligner ensures panels are squarely cut during crosscutting operations.  The onboard PC control allows the operator to program right at the machine or import a cutting list which can be run though the standard optimization software.

Why Cantek TPS-SH Series Beam Saws?

  • Available in 8’, 10’, or 12’ models
  • Front loading operation
  • User friendly PC control on screen pattern editing and built-in optimization software
  • Powerful 18HP saw motor with variable cutting speed and quick return speed
  • Saw carriage runs on hardened round guides and (8) copper wheels
  • Programmable pusher beam with reliable rack and pinion adjustment
  • Equipped with 7/8/9 pneumatic grippers
  • Double side aligner for accurate crosscutting operations
  • 4” maximum cutting height for multiple sheet operation
  • (3) or (4) air flotation tables to assist in loading of panels


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