OPTIM Automatic Edgebander | 220V 1.88HP 3 Phase


Maximum productivity in a minimum space

The most compact-sized industrial machine in the market, providing high performance at a competitive price

OPTIM Series is equipped with an industrial chain with non-stick rubber pads and prismatic guides in the pressure beam.  

It also can be fitted with DUOMELT®, floating blades and pneumatic positioning ON/OFF in glue scraper and antiadherent agent spray at entrance


    • Tray for the roll of edgebanding
    • Timer controlled automatic feeding allowing the precise adjustment of the in-feed
    • Surplus and minimizing the waste of edging material
    • Pneumatic pre-cutting guillotine (up to 3 mm PVC/ABS edges thickness)
    • Feeding tray with non-return tape system
    • New design with improved thermodynamics, granting a shorter heating time with less power consumption (2.5kW); Full TEFLON® coating of the whole assembly
    • Injection of melted glue at the upper and lower points of the application roller where heating elements are built in to maintain optimum working temperature
    • Automatic temperature control by electronic thermostat preventing the scorching of glue when the machine is idle; 1.5 kg capacity glue tank
    • New glue regulating gate
    • A group of 2 rollers exerting pressure on the edge band in order to achieve its adhesion onto the panel edge
    • Single support / single carriage / single through shaft HF motor (0.27 kW / 12000 RPM) with one milling head, performing the front and the rear trim cut cycles
    • Soft and precise movement of the carriage
    • Tooling: 4 TCT interchangeable straight knives cutter head set ø72 x 25
    • New dust collector system
    • 2 separate units for machining excess edgebanding along the upper and the lower edges of the panel
    • Two HF motors of 0.27 kW / 12000 RPM with milling cutter heads with TC inserts
    • Tooling: milling cutters with TC changeable blades set ø65 x 20 x 20 Z4 R2


  • Edgebanding material (Melamine/PVC/ABS/PP/veneer): 0.4 - 2mm (3mm opt.)
  • Panel
    • Thickness: 8 – 50 mm
    • Length: 200 – unlimited mm
    • Width: 75 – unlimited mm
  • Feed speed: 5.5m/min (18 ft/min)
  • Working air pressure: 6 - 7 kg/cm²
  • Total electrical output: 1.4 kW (1.88 HP)
  • Electrical connection: 3-Phase, 220V / 60Hz
  • Dimensions installed: 2352mm x 1190mm x 1444mm (93” x 47” x 57”)
  • Net weight: 620 kg (1,367 lbs.)
  • Requirements
    • Electrical connection: 220 volt, 3-phase, 60 Hz
    • Amperage: 10 amps
    • Dust extraction: 4¾” outlet @ 1200 cfm
    • Compressed air connection: 5 cfm @ 90 psi


  • Start-up Service
  • Glue Scraper RR-8
    • Designed to remove possible residue of glue on the top and bottom surfaces of the panel
    • Two floating blade holders with independently adjustable vertical copying devices
    • Air blow nozzles for tracer cleaning
    • Manual positioning of the station in ON/OFF position
  • Buffing Unit PC-3
    • Designed to remove possible residue of glue
    • Restore the PVC/ABS edge color and polish it after trimming and scraping operations
    • 2 independent units with tilting motors (2 x 0.09 kW / 14000 RPM)
    • Tooling: cotton discs ø100 mm

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