Longitudinal Veneer Splicer | VN-35VP |

by Castaly


  • The VN-35VP is particularly suitable for the furniture industry and automatic production runs.
  • To accomplish this work, a specially designed gluing device is mounted between the feeding rollers and transporting conveyors. This enables users to feed veneers right after veneer edges are cut straight eliminating the pre-gluing process.
  • The infeed rollers will accurately align the veneer to the gluing unit and then transport the glued veneers to the heating section. In this case, the veneer gluing and splicing work can be accomplished within one single machine.
  • High speed production, it provides extreme tightness for jointed veneers without gap.
  • Three types of pressure settings for pressure rollers, feed table & jointer to meet various type of veneer.
  • Servo motor with PLC controller for the quality and easy operation.
  • Three sections of temperature settings to achieve the best splice.



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