Jowacoll® 705.40 | PVAc Glue

by Jowat

Application: General purpose paper and packaging glue, especially for automatic closing machines, box and carton folders with nozzle applicators 

Characteristics/ Directions for use: Low viscosity adhesive with a short open time, good wet tack, good processing characteristics, and fast setting speed. 

Min. temp.
(materials, glue and room air): 15°C (58°F) 

Tested according to Jowat test methods. Customer trials are recommended. 


Technical Data: 

Viscosity [mPas]: approx. 1,400 (Brookfield)

Density [g/cm3]: approx. 1.05 (8.7 lbs./gal.)

Solids [%]: approx. 54
pH value: approx. 4-5 

Appearance: white opaque, dries clear 

Cleaning: Machines and equipment may be cleaned after use with warm or cold water. Dried glue must be removed mechanically. 


Storage: May be stored in properly closed original containers, cool and dry (15-25°C (59-77°F)). Best before date, please refer to label on the packaging unit. 


Packaging: In plastic containers of 45 lbs. net or in 55 gallon metal drums with PE lining. Special packaging upon request. 

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