Granulate Hot Melt Adhesive Low Temperature (25kg/55lb) 788.3N Natural/Ivory



Fields of application 

Bonding of PVC, paper, veener and melamine edges with manual edge banding machines 


  • Low processing temperature from 130° C to 160° C
  • Very good melting properties
  • Very long open time
    Properties of the bond
  • Heat resistance - depending on the type of edge – approx. 70° C
  • Very good resistance to cold, down to -15° C Properties of the adhesive

Application techniques 

The substrates for edge banding must be processed at exactly right angles and be free from dust. The boards and the edge material must be acclimatised to room temperature. The best moisture content of the wood is 8-10%. The room temperature should not be lower than 18° C. Draughts must be avoided. 

Rate of feed: 

  • From 5 m/minute 
  • Cleaning 
  • Tools can be cleaned with KLEIBERIT Cleaner 827.0. 
  • Packaging
  • KLEIBERIT Hot Melt Adhesive 788.3 plastic sack, 25.0 kg net
  • KLEIBERIT Cleaner 827.0 metal canister, 4.5 kg net 


KLEIBERIT Hot Melt Adhesive 788.3 can be stored for approx. 2 years. Keep in a cool and dry place. 

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