Jowacoll® 148.50 | Primer for HPL Water Based Adhesive

by Jowat
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Application:  is a water based PVA Adhesive that serves a couple different purposes. it is often used as a primer for HPL substrates that will be bonded with Jowatherm EVA hot melts. Especially designed for laminating vinyl and paper film (reverse printed or regular) substrates for Woodworking and Furniture industry.

Characteristics/ Directions for use: Low to medium viscosity copolymer emulsion with excellent adhesion to coated surfaces.  Glue film is elastic and flexible when dry.  

Min. temp. (materials, glue and room air): 15°C (58°F)

Application amount :  1.5-2.0 mil wet-3-5 g/sqft

Tested according to Jowacoll test methods. Customer trials are recommended. 

Technical Data: 

Viscosity [mPas]: approx. 2,000 (Brookfield)

Density : approx.  (8.7 lbs./gal.)

Solids [%]: approx. 70%
pH value: approx. 4-5 

Appearance: Clear/ Translucent

Cleaning: Machines and equipment may be cleaned after use with warm or cold water. Dried glue must be removed mechanically.   

Storage:  May be stored in properly closed original containers, cool and dry (15-25°C (59-77°F)). Best before date, please refer to label on the packaging unit

Packaging: In plastic containers of 20 and 50 lbs. net or in 55 gallon metal drums with PE lining.  Special packaging upon request. 

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