3 Lines Boring, 21 Horizontal, 21 x 2 Vertical Heads | BR-2142B

by Castaly


  • The machine is standard designed and constructed for horizontal and vertical boring units.
  • Each 21 horizontal and 42 vertical drills, drill head can be adjusted to any degree position for X
    or Y axis combination construction drilling.
  • The machine is easy to operate. Simply press the foot switch and entire horizontal and vertical
    boring operations can be accomplished quickly.
  • Vertical boring for drilling at longitudinal and cross directions.
  • The vertical boring units can be adjusted up & down and right & left. Readouts are provided for
    accurate indication of adjustment.
  • The end horizontal boring unit can be adjusted up & down, in & out stroke.
  • An emergency switch is provided on the top beam, allowing the operator to stop the machine
  • The panel clamp is adjustable at any position.
  • Square slide way for vertical boring unit, providing maximum rigidity and stability for boring


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