2 Horizontal, 4 Vertical Construction Line Boring with Auto Feed through System | BR-114T

by Castaly
  • The machine is standard design and constructed for horizontal and vertical boring units.
  • Custom models with 4, 5 and 6 vertical boring units are variable to meet any working requirements.
  • The machine is easy to operate. Simply press the foot switch and entire horizontal and vertical boring
    operations can be accomplished quickly.
  • Vertical boring for drilling at longitudinal and cross directions.
  • The vertical boring units can be adjusted up & down and right & left. Readouts are provided for accurate
    indication of adjustment.
  • The end horizontal boring unit with 21 drills can be adjusted up & down, in & out stroke.
  • An emergency switch is provided on the top beam, allowing the operator to stop the machine
  • The panel clamp is adjustable at any position.
  • Square slide way for vertical boring unit, providing maximum rigidity and stability for boring
  • Model HS-114T combines 2 sets of horizontal and 4 sets of vertical boring units in one machine.
    Simultaneous or individual operation for boring units not only upgrades working efficiency, but also
    saves considerable production cost.
  • The horizontal boring unit is equipped with 21 spindles X 2 boring heads with international standard 32
    mm distance.
  • The vertical boring unit is equipped with (11x2) x4 or add them until (11x2) x7 spindles boring heads
    with international standard 32 mm distance.
  • The vertical boring unit can be set at 90° for maximum flexibility of boring position.
  • The boring depth and position are accurately adjusted and read through the mechanical digital readout.
  • An automatic workpiece feed equipment is available for upgrading working efficiency. (optional)
  • All switches are centralized on a control panel for operation convenience. Emergency stop switch is
    provided for safety guard.
  • The speed stabilizers available provide smooth feeding against the workpiece.
  • Quick chuck provides convenient fitting and dismantling for boring bits. Standard attached with 1/3 pcs.



  • Quick Change 10 mm Drill Chuck $29.00 each
  • Digital Head Position Display $297.00 each


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