Screw Typre Air Compressor 30HP | AC-TS30 |

by Castaly

High Levels of Distinctive Modular Design
With distinctive modular design and friendly operating system, the newly developed TS series are able to provide reliable operation, quiet running mechanism and easy maintenance.  The adoption of high-effciency Airend is dependable in highly powerful performance.
Versatile and Users' Friendly Control System
The machine is equipped with versatile module control, friendly operation monitor, multi-units remote control and overload protection device, etc., which makes it easy to operate and maintain.
Powerful and quiet running Condition
High Rigid Structure with anti-noise and high-efficient air circulation system is designed to ensure silent running and long-term operation capability.
Easy Maintenance
Easy to access to all related components, makes trouble-shooting and general maintenance easy and inexpensive.


Specification TS-11 TS-22
Max. Air Pressure kg/cm2 8.5 8.5
Air Volume FAD   M3/Min 1.6 3.4
Motor 15 HP 30 HP
Air Outlet 1" 1"
Machine Size   (L x W x H) 30" x 32" x 37" 36" x 37" x 53"
Machine Weight 880 Lbs 1320 LBS

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