Coming Soon CEHISA! Spanish Edgebanding Company since 1968

Coming Soon CEHISA! Spanish Edgebanding Company since 1968

 High quality Machines along with Incredible Customer Service


Historically, edge banding is one of the latest to appear in the field of woodworking, emerging in the sixties of the 20th century and following the evolution of boards, edging and adhesives.

CEHISA is the first Spanish Company dedicated to the manufacture of machinery for the woodworking industry with a production between 1,000 and 1,200 edge banders per year. In addition Cehisa has a wide production program of manual and semiautomatic edge banders and soft forming equipment. 

The entire production of all machines is made in the factory located in Caldes de Montbuí (Barcelona), Spain. 

CEHISA edge banders are universally known for their robustness, ease of use and adjustment. Full attention is focused on the ease to change dimensions and materials and to make adjustments simple, intuitive and repeatable. 


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