Edgebander (Automatic) EBP 980 Series [Panel thickness: 8 - 60 mm]


The EBP 980 is designed work thick banding (up to 10 mm) as well as wooden strips (automatic feed available). Available with or without pre-mill operation, this version handles up to 60 mm thick panels making it perfect for commercial and educational projects, doors and other custom projects. The heavier chassis is built to handle larger panels without sacrificing ease of use. 

The EBP 980 uses a PLC-based control that is intuitive to use and requires no special programming. The machine has a feed rate of 11 meters per minute along a chain-driven track that securely holds panels to the aligning fence for better banding application. The pre-mill features twin 60 mm diamond blades that eliminates chipped edges. 

Feed speed: 11 m/min
Panel thickness: 8 - 60 mm
Tape Thickness: 0.4 mm to 3 mm (up to 10 mm with Kit) Min. panel length (taped edge) /width: 2120 mm x 110 mm Glue pot capacity: 2 kg
Max. coil diameter: 800 mm
Max Thickness (automatic strip magazine): 10 mm
Max Thickness (manual strip feed): 6 mm 


Technical Information:



Feed Speed

11 m/min

Panel Thickness

8 mm – 60 mm

Edge Thickness in Coils

3 mm

Edge Thickness in Strips Manual Feeding / Automatic Feeding

6 mm / 10 mm

Minimum Panel Length (Side Being Processed)

120 mm

Minimum Panel Width

110 mm

Flush Trimming Motors (Each)

200 Hz - 12000 RPM - 0.5kW

End Trimming Motor

200 Hz - 12000 RPM - 0.27 kW

Compressed Air Operating Pressure

6.5 bar

Compressed Air Consumption During Operation (Pre-mill Version)

300 NL/min

Minimum Air Flow at Dust Extraction Outlets

20 m/s

Air Consumption of Dust Extraction System

1550 m3/h

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